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Introduction Of The Seaparks  “AMROLL” Drum Motors


Seaparks was established in 2002 and the factory is located in Tianjin of China covering 3400 m².At this site, Seaparks employs a team of experts and enthusiastic workers who make use of highly advanced machinery.
Seaparks company has provided “AMROLL” drum motors to the material handling industry for many years. Since its first drum motor was assembled in 2002, seaparks has adhered to a key principle: top quality and low price.


By making consistent investments in factory automation over the past years, the manual lathes, milling machines and other equipments gave space to high technology CNC equipments. This state of the art equipment is used to produce high precision parts for our “AMROLL” drum motors.

Seaparks has grown into an internationally known manufacturer of top quality power transmission equipment for the conveyor industry with modern manufacturing plants. The “AMROLL” Drum Motor has been successfully used in a wide range of applications including the followings: baggage check-in counters at airports, food processing, supermarket checkout conveyors, package machines, metal detectors, automation industries and so on.


With the products and design have developed for many years, Seaparks always provides outstanding application engineering and customer service for high quality products and years of low maintenance performance. Whether it is a unit or bulk handling application, Seaparks products and people are trusted around the world for reliable performance and personal service

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