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  • Quick and easy to install

    Amroll drum motors are much quicker and easier to install than conventional drive systems, requiring less than one-third of the time needed to fit a multicomponent drive.
  • Increase operator safety

    As a self-contained component without external moving parts and with fixed external shafts, an Amroll drum motor is probably the safest drive unit available for material handling equipment and present safety hazards are eliminated.
  • Space-saving

    Because the motor, gearbox and bearings are mounted within the drum shell, the drum motor takes up much less space and allows higher density and multiple applications.
  • Lower energy and operating costs

    Amroll drum motors operate at 97% mechanical efficient resulting in lower operating cost and higher output compared to conventional drives. The higher efficiency of the internal drive can result in energy savings up to 30% over conventional drive systems.
  • Reduce noise levels

    Our gears are manufactured using high quality alloy steel, machined and honed, reducing noise to minimal decibel levels which exceeds OSHA requirements for noise.
  • High pressure wash down

    Amroll drum motors can operate in harmful environmental conditions, such as water, dust, grit, chemicals, grease, oil and even during extreme pressure wash-down procedures.
  • Maintenance free design

    The drum motor does not have the external moving components, ensures that the internal parts are unaffected by external conditions and maintains trouble free conveying for all kinds of applications. Our motors are virtually maintenance free, requiring only an oil change after 50,000 hours of operation.
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