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• The drum motors should always be mounted horizontally, parallel to the idler pulley and square to the conveyor frame.
• All types of brackets must be fully supported by and fastened to the conveyor frame in such a way that the shaft ends do not deform. The shaft ends below the key flats must always be supported by the brackets.
• All cases of a non-horizontal installation exceeding 2° for TM80A,TM113A,TM138 and 5° for series TM80B, TM113B, TM113M, TM165, TM174, TM216,TM320 must be referred to Seaparks Company.
• For such applications in which TM80A, TM113A, TM138, TM165, TM174,TM216, and TM320 are used, please always keep that the gear box is located downwards (gears in oil) to ensure the necessary lubrication.
• Drum motors: TM80A, TM113A, TM138, TM165, TM174, TM216, and
TM320 are stamped at the front shaft with the word “up”. When installing the drum motors to the frame, the operators have to ensure that the “up” mark is in an up position .
• The mounting brackets should be fitted in such a way that they are in contact with the shoulder of the shaft flats or in the case of solid mounting brackets, in contact with the shoulder of the round shaft. This is to ensure that the drum motor has no axial clearance.
• Where Amroll brackets are not used, it is essential to ensure that at least 80% of the drum motor shaft flats are supported by the mounting equipment and the clearance between the flats and support should be not more than 0.4 mm. A drum motor with frequent reversible operations or many start/stops should be mounted without any clearance.

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