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Electrical connection
• Awiring diagram is always supplied with the Amroll drum motor.
• The wiring diagram is inserted in the instruction manual.
• The electrical connection of the drum motor must be performed by suitably qualified personnel in accordance with local electrical regulations. If in doubt, please refer to Seaparks Company.
• Always refer to the connection instructions and ensure that the motor is connected as required for the correct mains supply.

Protection for safety
• As a safety measure, please use the earth screw present in the terminal box.
• The protective conductor has to be connected to the earth screw.
• At cable options the green/yellow wire has to be connected to the protective conductor of the mains supply.

Motor protection
• The motor must be installed together with an external motor protection switch or relay.
• The protection device must be adjusted in accordance with the present motor data and checked frequently.
• Standard motors are equipped with a thermal switch which is fitted into the winding head. This switch must be connected to protect the drum motor.
• This thermal switch will open if the motor overheats. For optimal thermal protection of the motor, it should be connected to a magnetic relay or contactor.
• In case of an error message the motor should not be switched on again before the failure is solved.

Drum motor connected to a frequency converter
• Amroll drum motors can operate in connection with frequency converters.
• Most suitable are 2-pole, 4-pole, 6-pole, 8-pole and 12-pole motors.
• Do not allow resonant frequencies in the power line to cause voltage spikes in the motor. It is possible for frequency converters to create resonant frequencies in the power line between the frequency converter and the motor if the power line is too long. Potential resonant frequencies may be eliminated in two ways. Either by limiting the length of the power line
(some Frequency Converter Manufactures recommend length of less than 10 meters ) or simply install a filter on the frequency converter output (available from Frequency Converter Manufactures ).

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