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Environmental Consideration
• Low /high ambient temperature:
﹢5℃ to ﹢40℃ Below +5℃ or above +40℃, special oil.

• Extremely dusty/abrasive wet/high humidity:
IP66/67 sealing, special finish, i.e. stainless steel, electro-galvanizing, nickel plating, rubber lagging.

• Under water applications:
Where specified IP66/67, the drum motor has been tested for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water. However, the motor is not intended for continuous under water performance.

• Frequent stop/start:
TM80A, TM80B, TM113A, TM113B,TM113M: stop/start 10 times per minute TM138, TM165, TM174, TM216, TM320 : stop/start 5 times per minute

• Reversible conveyor.
Time delay between forward and reverse: The motor must come to a complete stop before reversing. Drum Motor installed in the middle of the conveyor is recommended.

• Extremely low noise/vibration environments, consult Seaparks Company.

• High altitudes>1000m, consult Seaparks Company.

• Amroll drum motors are not intrinsically safe or explosion proof.

• Exact speed requirements
For encoder solution and frequency converter, where exact speeds are required, please consult Seaparks Company. The given nominal motor speed can deviate by +/-10%. Belt speed as specified in the Amroll catalogue and on the motor label is the calculated speed at rated diameter and full load.

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