Drum Motor installation Precautions for Drum Motor installation


Today, Seaparks Xiaobian takes you to understand the installation method of Drum Motor and what problems should be paid attention to in the installation process.


Drum Motor conveyor line advantages


​With the progress of technology! In order to further improve production efficiency, more and more enterprises choose to "upgrade" the reducer into Drum Motor. So, the question comes - what are the advantages of Drum Motor conveying line? Seaparks to their own production of Drum Motor brand "AMROLL" as an example, to answer your questions!


What are the characteristics of oil-immersed Drum Motor


What is an oil-immersed Drum Motor? Simply put, it is a Drum Motor that allows oil into the motor and directly contacts the rotor and stator windings of the motor.


What is a power roller?


What is a power roller? Power drum It is mainly used to drive the conveyor belt or change its direction of operation. It can be divided into two types: driving drum and reversing drum. Different types of power rollers are used in different environments and places.


The principle of conveying drum


What is the roller? The conveying roller is the necessary equipment of the roller conveyor! The conveying drum is generally composed of drum, bracket, driving part, frame and other components. Common Drum types are reversing drum, drive drum, and Drum Motor.


The application and purchase of Drum Motor of belt conveyor


Belt conveyor Drum Motor has been widely used in all walks of life. Because the Drum Motor improves the working efficiency of the belt conveyor. Compared with the reducer, Drum Motor has the advantages of more fast, simple, safe operation, saving space, reducing noise, adapting to bad weather and simple maintenance.

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