What about Drum motor models


2022-05-25 00:00

Many people feel very confused when buying Drum motor, which can not help but make people sigh: "Why are there so many Drum motor models?" In fact, different types of Drum motor are only used to transport goods of different attributes! Therefore, when you do not know what type of Drum motor to choose, you can ask for the type of transport goods yourself!  

Drum motor's numerous models

Take Seaparks Drum motor for example, TM is the symbol of AC Drum motor; DM is the symbol of DC Drum motor. Drum motor diameter is divided into Φ 80 Φ 113 Φ 138 Φ 165 Φ 174 Φ 216 Φ 320, etc. So, the number after TM represents the Drum motor's drum diameter (mm). The length of Drum motor varies with different diameters. The shortest width of drum motor is 270mm. Applied in the ordinary industry, carbon steel Drum motor is generally used, and stainless steel Drum motor can also be developed in special industries.

Different types of Drum motor can also be divided into: air cooled Drum motor, oil cooled Drum motor, oil immersed Drum motor, they have different application places.

Drum motor model application

As mentioned above, the model selection of Drum motor needs to be decided according to the use situation! Therefore, when you buy Drum motor, you must make clear your own use environment! For example: motor voltage, the length and width of the Drum motor needed, belt speed, whether low noise is needed, whether the surface of the drum needs to be coated and so on! We believe that we can help you find a Drum motor suitable for your equipment, consultation: 18822106002.