Cable selection for Drum Motor


2022-06-01 00:00

Does Drum motor also have special requirements for cables? Yes, the cables used by Drum motor are also different for different industries. Next, follow Sparks to find out!

Pvc cable for Drum motor

The use of pvc cable is very common, pvc cable has simple structure, tensile resistance, wear resistance, waterproof, oil resistance, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, tear resistance and other performance characteristics. General industry (no special needs) will choose to use pvc cable.

Drum motor's low smoke halogen free cable

Low-smoke halogen-free cable is composed of thermoplastic or thermosetting with low smoke emission when heated and no halogen itself. It is flame-retardant and smokeless. For example, in the railway industry, shipbuilding industry, and airport environment, one of the most important needs is to protect personnel and equipment from exposure to toxic and corrosive gases. In these situations, low-smoke halogen-free cables are required.

Drum motor's shielded cable

Shielding cables have the ability to resist external electromagnetic interference and the ability of the system itself to radiate electromagnetic interference. Generally, there is a special environment and industry need to keep secret!

What kind of cable are you going to use for your Drum motor? If you have any special needs, please talk to us (Tel: 18822106002).