Seaparks Drum Motor operating environment


2022-06-15 00:00

Although the use environment of Drum motor is very extensive, it also has certain requirements. For example: the temperature of the environment, whether there is dust, whether it is wet and so on.

The operating temperature of the Seaparks Drum motor

Seaparks Drum motor Normal operating temperature: +5℃ to +40℃. Special lubricating oil is required for use at temperatures below: +5℃ or above +40℃.

Seaparks Drum motor use industry restrictions

Dusty or high humidity environment, food production environment requiring high pressure water cleaning, Marine environment such as fisheries transportation, recycling and corrosive environment, environment handling with oil or lipid materials, chemical use or production environment: The seal grade of Drum motor must be IP69, and adopt 316 stainless steel barrel, end cover and shaft head, or nickel plated or rubber coated drum motor.

Environmental restrictions on the use of the Seaparks Drum motor

The Seaparks Drum motor is not an explosion-proof grade product and cannot be used in underground, mining or tunnel environments where dangerous gases may exist, or where fire and explosion-proof requirements are required.