Cleaning and maintenance of Seaparks Drum Motor


2022-06-22 11:35

The Seaparks Drum Motor is easy to clean and maintain, so it can replace the reducer and become the "new favorite" in all walks of life. The Seaparks Drum Motor stands in the industry with its high cost performance and has won the recognition of our customers.  

Seaparks Drum Motor Clean  

Because the seal grade of Seaparks Drum Motor ordinary models is IP66/67, the surface of the Drum Motor must be cleaned regularly, otherwise debris accumulates on the surface of the cylinder, which will lead to overheating, noise and damage of the Drum Motor, as well as deviation and damage of the belt.  

Maintenance of the Seaparks Drum Motor  

The maintenance of the Seaparks Drum Motor is also very easy, because it is an oil-immersed Drum Motor, the oil is injected into the drum. And Drum Motor structure is tight, not easy to malfunction. Therefore, the maintenance cost of Drum Motor is reduced. Simply put, if the Drum Motor needs to be maintained and maintained, it generally only needs to be changed and cleaned. Therefore, when there is a problem with Drum Motor, please contact us in time.