Seaparks Drum Motor specifications size


2022-06-30 00:00

Today, Xiaobian take you to understand -Seaparks Drum Motor specifications!

SeaparksDrum Motor diameter 

The standard Drum Motor produced by Seaparks has only 8 diameters: φ80φ100φ113φ138φ165φ174φ216φ320. These sizes can meet the needs of most conveyors on the market, convenient replacement of traditional motor, direct installation and use.

Of course, if the size of our standard Drum Motor does not match the type of conveyor you use, and you trust us very much, you can also choose non-standard customization. I believe our staff will serve you wholeheartedly!


The length of the SeaparksDrum Motor

The standard model of the Drum Motor produced by Seaparks does not have strict regulations on the length of the drum. It is worth noting that the weight of the Drum Motor increases with every 100mm lengthening of the cylinder. The larger the diameter of the model, the more weight it adds! Therefore, large Drum Motor must pay attention to the overall weight.  

Choose Drum Motor should also understand the parameters

How much is the customer site voltage, used in what industry, what goods, how many kilograms, whether there is a slope in the operating environment, the width of the belt, the material of the belt, no reducer used before, how much power, there are no special requirements (roller material, whether casting glue, whether there is a sudden brake and other requirements), whether the cable is extended, how much is the annual consumption and so on. Seaparks staff will select the appropriate Drum Motor model according to the parameters proposed by the customer.