Why is the Drum Motor made of carbon steel?


2022-05-27 00:00

Drum Motor as a driving device to replace the traditional motor and reducer, why is it mainly made of carbon steel? In fact, it has to do with the characteristics of carbon steel!

Why is the Drum Motor made of carbon steel

There are many material choices of Drum Motor, but carbon steel Drum Motor has been favored by manufacturers in all walks of life! This is of course because of the cost-effective carbon steel Drum Motor! Carbon steel after heat treatment can get higher hardness and better wear resistance; And raw materials are very common, simple and easy to obtain, so that the cost of production is reduced, the price naturally should conform to the law of the market, relatively reduced.

The advantages of carbon steel Drum Motor

Carbon steel Drum Motor in addition to high hardness, strong wear resistance. Besides the advantages of high cost performance, there are the advantages of easy processing! Also based on this advantage, the Drum surface of standard Drum Motor produced by our company (except for the special requirements of customers) is threaded, which is a special design to prevent belt deviation.

Precautions for using carbon steel Drum Motor

Carbon steel Drum Motor is good, but not all walks of life can use! For example, the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, the Drum Motor of these two industries is best to use all stainless steel material! To ensure the hygiene of food and medicine. Of course, if you are in the industry of health environment requirements are not so high, carbon steel Drum Motor should still be in the front of your purchase table. Do you want to know our Drum Motor? Check out our standard models! Customized please consult: 18822106002.