Oil an oil-immersed Drum Motor


2022-05-26 00:00

Drum Motor has oil immersed Drum Motor and oil cooled Drum Motor. Seaparks is an oil immersed Drum Motor. Generally  speaking, the oil filling amount of the oil-immersed Drum Motor produced by our company should reach 1/3.

Benefits of oil immersed Drum Motor

Oil-immersed Drum Motor adopts oil-immersed heat dissipation mode, that is, the cooling oil is directly soaked in the motor. In this way, it can play the role of lubrication and cooling.

What kind of oil is used in an oil-immersed Drum Motor

Oil immersed Drum Motor oil and use environment related! For special application environment and special industry, oil-immersed Drum Motor should use special oil. If the stainless steel Drum Motor is used in food, medicine and other industries, it should be injected with food grade oil (FDA and USDA). If it is necessary to work at low temperature, use low temperature ambient oil when the application ambient temperature is below +5℃.

Maintenance of oil-immersed Drum Motor

Different types of Drum Motor require different time limits for oil change. If you need to replace the oil-immersed Drum Motor, please contact us: 18822106002.