Why do conveyors use Drum Motor


2022-05-24 00:00

Why do conveyors use Drum Motor? Maybe a lot of people think that the reducer in use now is good, why use Drum Motor, it is not a waste of money? In fact, this idea is erroneous! Using Drum Motor instead of reducer is the replacement of products and an effective means to improve its operation efficiency.

The Drum Motor makes the conveyor work more efficiently

Drum Motor replaces reducer as the driving device of conveyor is the embodiment of scientific and technological progress. Compared with the reducer, the Drum Motor is more delicate in structure, occupies less space and has lower maintenance cost. Make the conveyor in the work more convenient, and improve the efficiency of transportation.

The Drum Motor makes the conveyor safer

Drum Motor has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation space, good sealing and easy installation. When installing in industrial enterprises, it can also be installed according to the production situation. Seaparks produces a built-in Drum Motor! Save the maintenance of the work flow, so that the conveyor is more convenient and safe.

The Drum Motor prolongs the life of the conveyor

Drum Motor let the conveyor in the working noise is lower, the environment is more health, maintenance is more simple! Therefore, the service life of the conveyor is extended indirectly. In fact, it saves cost for the enterprise!

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