What is the difference between cast rubber drum and coated rubber drum


2022-05-23 00:00

What is the difference between cast rubber drum and coated rubber drum? Sparks: The main difference between the two rollers is the process of production. The details are as follows:

Rubber casting roller
Casting glue is to wrap a complete layer of glue uniformly around the roller. The roller made by hot sticking casting glue process has better use effect in production operations. However, the production and processing cost of casting rubber is relatively high. In the production site, after the rubber surface of the roller is worn, the conveyor bolt is exposed, which will break the belt, and the rubber surface is difficult to repair immediately. Moreover, the production process of hot viscose is more complex, and the maintenance time is long, the intensity and difficulty of the production work are great, and the requirements of the production personnel are high, so it is difficult to meet the needs of mass production enterprises.

Coated roller
In the process of making and processing the drum, the drum body is coated according to the material production needs of different production enterprises. It is mainly divided into cold curing and hot curing.
Cold vulcanization method is exposed between the upper and lower belt of the roller, with room temperature curing type strong adhesive will select the rubber material, in turn evenly pasted on the surface of the roller, thus increasing the friction between the belt and the roller. The roller made of cold vulcanization coating process eliminates the heavy work of removing the roller and belt. The production process is simple and saves labor and labor in the production operation. The cost of production and processing is relatively low, and the effect used in the production operation is also relatively good.
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