Drum Motor conveyor line advantages


2022-05-19 00:00

With the progress of technology! In order to further improve production efficiency, more and more enterprises choose to "upgrade" the reducer into Drum Motor. So, the question comes - what are the advantages of Drum Motor conveying line? Seaparks to their own production of Drum Motor brand "AMROLL" as an example, to answer your questions!


Drum Motor conveyor line advantages

1. Fast and simple installation: compared with the traditional power drive unit, the installation time is less during assembly.

2. Safe operation: Seaparks produces a built-in Drum Motor, that is, the motor, reduction device and other components are all assembled in a closed cylinder body, and only the support shaft at both ends is fixed with the conveying equipment, making the operation and operation of the conveying equipment safer.

3. Save space: Because the Drum Motor has all the parts in a cylinder, the space taken up by the conveyor equipment using it is reduced.

4. Reduce energy consumption: The more sophisticated Drum Motor of mechanical structure shortens the conduction process of each component, so that the working efficiency of conveyor equipment is improved.

5. Low running noise: The Drum Motor produced by our company uses alloy steel fine grinding gear, European standard motor and complete assembly with strict tolerance requirements, which greatly reduces the noise value during operation.

6. Suitable for harsh environment: The Drum Motor produced by our company is IP66/67 with high sealing grade design, to ensure that the SeaparksDrum Motor can be used in harsh environment (such as water, dust, sand, chemicals and grease, etc.). Food grade Drum Motor can be rinsed using hot water under high pressure.

Drum Motor conveyor line maintenance

As the Drum Motor adopts the completely sealed design, all the core components will not be damaged by the external environment when it is running. Therefore, it is very convenient to maintain. Take the Drum Motor produced by our company as an example, the Drum Motor of TM80A/TM113A/TM138 series is recommended to run once for a total of 50,000 hours for oil change, that is, 50,000 hours without maintenance. TM165/TM216 and TM320N series Drum Motor, it is recommended to run 10000 hours for 1 oil change, that is 10000 hours without maintenance; TM80B, TM113B and TM113M series Drum Motor lifelong lubrication, no oil change or maintenance at any time, that is, life maintenance free.

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