The relation and difference between rollers and rollers


2022-06-16 00:00

Anyone who has ever worked on an assembly line has encountered the problem of the cylinder that turns on a conveyor. Some people call it a roller, and others call it a drum. So, what is it called?

The connection between the roller and the drum

Actually, the roller and the drum mean the same thing. However, the drum is a popular term, while the roller is a common term used by people in the industry, because the drum is often unconsciously associated with the drum washing machine.

Source of rollers and rollers

Both the roller and the roller are transliterated products of early English words. So, people call it different.

The difference between a roller and a roller

There is no difference between the application places of rollers and rollers in life conversation. The only difference can be reflected in academic papers or mechanical design drawings. If you are a mechanical designer, the word roller is probably used in the document. If you're an ordinary production line worker, the word "roller" will suffice. It can be said that both words are right. How to use them depends on your preference. Don't get too tangled up.