What elements should be paid attention to when choosing conveyor belt roller


2022-07-12 00:00

There are many kinds of conveyor belt drums. According to the simple classification, it can be divided into Drum Motor and unpowered drum. So in the first ready to buy conveyor belt roller, first to determine the type of roller you need.

Conveyor belt roller choose which

Drum Motor :As the name suggests, it's a roller that needs to be powered by electricity. The motor and reducer are placed inside the cylinder body. Compared with the traditional driving equipment, it has the advantages of compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable running, reliable working, good sealing and so on.

Unpowered roller: Also known as roller, do not need electric drive. It is a cylindrical assembly that manually drives the conveyor belt or changes its running direction. It is a kind of drum and a main part of the conveying equipment.

Note to choose and buy conveyor belt drum  


When purchasing conveyor belt drum, mainly to see what kind of drum you need. For example: automatic assembly line conveyor belt needs electric drive, then choose Drum Motor.

If it is a slope conveyor, do not need electric drive, can rely on the weight of carrying goods itself to work, then choose no power roller.

There is both relationship and difference between the two. A Drum Motor is usually paired with a driven drum to work on a belt conveyor. There are also many people who use an unpowered drum as a driven drum. There are also examples of miniature Drum Motor with driving head in many transmission lines using unpowered drums.

Therefore, if you need to buy conveyor belt drums, you still need to summarize your needs first, and then choose the model of Drum Motor. If you need to buy Drum Motor and unpowered drum, and are not familiar with the selection technique, you can directly call us for consultation: 18822106002.