Does the Drum Motor need heat protection


2022-05-31 00:00

I believe you are not unfamiliar with the thermal protection device, thermal protection device is to prevent the temperature of the equipment is too high, and the protection device. So, does the Drum Motor need heat protection? According to SEAPARKS, there are two factors that determine whether the Drum Motor cylinder needs to be fitted with a thermal protection device.


Drum Motor with thermal protection device

1. Whether to install thermal protection device of Drum Motor depends on the operating environment. Drum Motor is generally installed on transport equipment, if the transport equipment in the environment is not suitable for the installation of thermal protection devices, then it is not necessary to install. If the installation environment has high safety requirements, install thermal protection devices.

2.Drum Motor whether to install thermal protection device depends on the industry requirements. The Drum Motor does not need to be equipped with thermal protection if the industry in which it operates requires that transport equipment not be "out of service" during operation.

The working principle of Drum Motor thermal protection device

Drum Motor's thermal protection device plays a role in automatically stopping the operation of the equipment when the temperature is too high. After the equipment is cooled for a period of time, the temperature of the generator unit returns to the normal temperature, the circuit is re-connected, and the Drum Motor starts to work again.

As can be seen from the thermal protection device of the Drum Motor above, the time required to start the device will be different under different current. Therefore, whether Drum Motor should install thermal protection device is mainly decided according to the needs of customers.