What are the characteristics of oil-immersed Drum Motor


2022-05-18 00:00

What is an oil-immersed Drum Motor? Simply put, it is a Drum Motor that allows oil into the motor and directly contacts the rotor and stator windings of the motor.

What are the characteristics of oil-immersed Drum Motor

The oil-immersed Drum Motor has many advantages, such as compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, smooth running, reliable working, good sealing, small occupying space, convenient installation and so on, and is suitable for working in a variety of harsh environmental conditions. So there's a wide range of industries and environments that can be used.

What are the advantages of oil-immersed Drum Motor

The heat generated during the operation of the oil-immersed Drum Motor is transferred to the cylinder wall by the continuous rotation of the drum body. Theoretically, the effect of oil heat transfer is better than that of the oil-cooled drum motor, and it eliminates the requirement of the motor sealing performance. However, the relative oil-immersed Drum Motor has improved the relative requirements of cooling lubricating oil and motor quality.

Common models of oil-immersed Drum Motor

The Drum Motor produced by our company is oil-immersed Drum Motor! Common types of TM80A/TM113A/TM138 / TM165 / TM174 / TM216 / TM320. If you also need Drum Motor and encounter problems with the selection, you can contact us (18822106002), support non-standard customization oh.