What is a power roller?


2022-05-17 00:00

What is a power roller? Power drum It is mainly used to drive the conveyor belt or change its direction of operation. It can be divided into two types: driving drum and reversing drum. Different types of power rollers are used in different environments and places.

Advantages of the power drum

1, the power roller structure is relatively simple, simple production, wide range of application, strong performance.

2, the power roller operation is flexible, greatly improve the power efficiency, has a great impact on the construction of various industries.

Classification of power rollers

There are two types of power drums: driving drums and reversing drums. The driving roller is the most important component of power transmission. The driving power drum is divided into single power drum (tape to the power drum of the envelope Angle below 200° to 230°), multi-power drum (generally used for high power) and dual power drum (envelope Angle up to 350°).

If, according to the motor cooling way is different, it can be divided into oil immersed, air cooled, oil cooled and so on.

The characteristics of the power drum

The power roller can be adjusted and made according to the requirements of the operation object, such as: for the requirement of surface hardness, the heat treatment process is added to it. If it is the food processing industry, it will be in the power roller surface for coating treatment, production material and oil to be improved, in order to meet the requirements of rust prevention, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and support.