The principle of conveying drum


2022-05-16 00:00

What is the roller? The conveying roller is the necessary equipment of the roller conveyor! The conveying drum is generally composed of drum, bracket, driving part, frame and other components. Common Drum types are reversing drum, drive drum, and Drum Motor.

The principle of conveying drum

The transmission principle of the conveying drum is generally through the belt, plane friction drive belt, single chain wheel, double sprocket, synchronous belt and other spool drive. Its power principle is driven by Drum Motor, speed motor drive and other driving modes. The principle of speed regulation of the conveying drum is variable speed, variable frequency speed regulation and so on.

According to the structural characteristics of the conveying Drum if according to the layout of the form can be divided into multi-layer conveying, turning conveying, inclined conveying and horizontal conveying, if according to the form of power drive to divide, can be divided into power drum, no power drum, Drum Motor, etc.

Classification of delivery drums

The driving drum must be used with the supporting motor and reducer to drive the belt conveyor and play the driving role. The reversing roller is generally at the tail of the conveyor, where the conveyor belt changes the direction of movement; The Drum Motor has its own motor that can directly drive the belt conveyor.

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