The application and purchase of Drum Motor of belt conveyor


2022-05-12 00:00

Belt conveyor Drum Motor has been widely used in all walks of life. Because the Drum Motor improves the working efficiency of the belt conveyor. Compared with the reducer, Drum Motor has the advantages of more fast, simple, safe operation, saving space, reducing noise, adapting to bad weather and simple maintenance.

Application of Drum Motor for belt conveyor

At present, Drum Motor has been applied in all walks of life -- pharmaceutical industry, food industry, mechanical processing industry, railway station airport security industry, mineral transportation industry and so on. According to the needs of different use environment, different specifications of Drum Motor are used.

Belt conveyor Drum Motor composition

Unlike traditional Motor drive systems, the Seaparks Drum Motor combines the motor, reducer, drive drum, bearing seat, chain, and support to form a single drive unit in the same barrel, thus reducing the space occupied by conveyor equipment.

This feature of Drum Motor has great advantages and economic value in some industries, such as: ore belt conveyor, gravel belt conveyor and other occasions with high reliability requirements for the driving device, it can greatly enhance the quick repairable ability of the driving device, improve the reliability and safety of the system.

Belt conveyor Drum Motor selection

For Seaparks, if you want to buy a Drum Motor suitable for belt conveyor, you can consult our sales staff.

Our business personnel will be based on the length and speed of the conveyor you use; The width and material of the belt; The power and voltage of the operating environment; The type and weight of pulled goods and other conditions to select the appropriate Drum Motor model for you.