Why can't the Drum Motor run empty for a long time


2022-05-11 00:00

Why can't the Drum Motor run empty for a long time? Under normal circumstances, if the ordinary electric machine runs for a long time without load, it will lead the heat accumulation inside the Drum Motor, and the temperature will rise sharply. It is easy to burn the motor after no-load operation for a period of time.

Drum Motor no load operation is difficult to avoid how to do? Seaparks suggests: This situation calls for a custom-made cryogenic motor! According to your own use, you can provide us with the quantity, diameter (mm), Drum Motor model, power (kw), belt speed (m/s), power supply and voltage, frequency, drum surface width L (mm), appearance mode and other data. Our sales staff will match you with the right Drum Motor model for you.

Of course, Seaparks will guarantee the quality of the Drum Motor for our customers. Every Drum Motor will be tested before leaving the factory, and the time of no-load test will not exceed 1 hour. If you also need to customize Drum Motor, you can call information: 18822106002.