Precautions for using the Drum Motor


2022-05-07 00:00

Seaparks Drum Motor is known for its high quality in the industry. One of the advantages that can be reflected is that the maintenance is convenient and simple - metal gear Drum motoroil change 50000 hours once, planet gear structure Drum Motor lifetime maintenance free. Therefore, we should pay attention to the safety of Drum Motor when we usually use it.

Precautions for using the Drum Motor

1. Check the oil quantity inside the Drum Motor before use, and the oil quantity should be 1/3 of the diameter of the Drum Motor; Check whether the motor wiring is correct.

2. The Drum Motor should replace the lubricating oil after the first 300 hours of operation, and then change the oil every 5000 hours and carry out maintenance.

3. The ambient temperature of Drum Motor should be -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature of material should be less than 60 degrees Celsius, and the altitude should not exceed 1000 meters. If the working environment exceeds the above range, please contact our factory for solution, tel: 18822106002.

4. If the Drum Motor is operated continuously for more than 8 hours a day, the Drum Motor with rubber coating and frequent start-up can operate continuously for 24 hours a day.

Special attention: use of Drum Motor with reverse check

The ordinary Drum Motor generally adopts the check bearing, which acts on the output shaft end of the Motor. When used, the phase sequence instrument must be used to check the phase sequence of the power supply and correspond to the phase sequence of the Drum Motor, so that the steering of the Drum Motor is the same as the steering marked on the end cover of the Drum Motor. (The end cover of the Drum Motor with a check device is marked with turning direction).