Application of Drum Motor and driven drum


2022-05-05 00:00

Drum Motor and driven drum are often used in conveyor belt assembly line equipment. Some for sorting, some for the delivery of finished products. Different industries need to choose their own roller according to their own needs.

Application of Drum Motor and driven drum: express logistics industry

Nowadays, express logistics has become an indispensable part of our life, and the main "merit" of helping express sorting work is Drum Motor!


With the cooperation of Drum Motor and driven drum, it greatly improves the sorting efficiency of express logistics industry! So that our delivery can reach the designated place earlier.

Application of Drum Motor and driven drum: security service industry

Every day subway friends must be familiar with the subway security check machine, we have to pass the security check machine on our inspection every day! And want to let the security inspection machine work, also cannot leave our Drum Motor.



Application of Drum Motor and driven drum: Food industry

Food is the life of the people! How do the vegetables, fruits and snacks we eat every day get to us? You may reply, "I bought it!" Yes! But before that, fruits and vegetables first from the farmer to the merchant! So, this needs to use - sorting equipment. If you want sorting equipment to work efficiently, you need a Drum Motor of excellent quality!



Moreover, some food processing industries have very high health and environmental needs, so Drum Motor must have higher quality requirements! Therefore, if you are not sure about the type of Drum Motor you need, you can contact us (telephone: 18822106002). Sparks will definitely choose a Drum Motor suitable for you.