Application and price of stainless steel Drum Motor


2022-05-05 00:00

Stainless steel Drum Motor used in what industries? How expensive is a stainless steel Drum Motor? What are the models of stainless steel Drum Motor? Don't worry, Seaparks has you covered!

Application range of stainless steel Drum Motor

Stainless steel Drum Motor is used for conveying equipment in food industry and pharmaceutical industry. Because stainless steel Drum Motor is not easy to rust, low noise, safety and health, no maintenance and other characteristics, so that it can replace the reducer, become the food industry and pharmaceutical industry transportation equipment of choice.

The price of stainless steel Drum Motor

Although, the food industry and pharmaceutical industry to stainless steel Drum Motor demand is great! But not all food industry and pharmaceutical industry conveyor line need to use stainless steel Drum Motor! Because of the high cost of stainless steel Drum Motor, according to the different models, specifications and requirements of the manufacturing process, the price of the stainless steel Drum Motor manufactured will be very different. Therefore, it is recommended that you explain your own application environment and conditions when choosing a stainless steel Drum Motor. We will recommend the most cost-effective Drum Motor for you according to your situation. For more information, call 18822106002

Stainless steel Drum Motor features


(Seaparks Stainless Steel Drum Motortm165f Application Case)


Seaparks produces the 304 stainless steel Drum Motor for food grade. Frequency in 50HZ or 60HZ, suitable for all kinds of universal voltage; Motor insulation class F. We can produce all kinds of non-standard Drum Motor according to customers' requirements. Seaparks is looking forward to working with you!