Drum Motor - A good helper for food transportation!


2022-04-29 00:00

Nowadays, in order to improve the efficiency of goods transportation, many food factories are using food sorting equipment! Then, you can't help but know the food sorting helper -Drum Motor.

The Drum Motor of the food industry

The food industry has very high requirements for Drum Motor, which makes its production and transmission equipment become a potential source of pollution. Therefore, its sorting equipment if the use of Drum Motor than the use of traditional motor has more advantages. The specific performance is: neat and clean, saving space, convenient installation, energy saving, low noise, high speed, durable maintenance free, reduce control workload and other advantages.

Drum Motor suitable for food industry

In the application of Drum Motor in the food industry, different specifications of power drums can be selected and customized according to the specific needs of conveying and sorting. If you are not sure about the purchase conditions, you can contact us to recommend a Drum Motor that is more suitable for your equipment.

Drum Motor application case in food industry


(Application Case 1 of our Drum Motor in food industry)


(Application case 2 of our Drum Motor in food industry)


(Example of our company's food-grade Drum Motor model -- TM113F)


SEAPARKS Drum Motor can be customized according to customer requirements, Drum Motor belt speed minimum 0.08m/s up to 3.20m/s. Common barrel diameter is divided into Φ80, Φ113, Φ138, Φ165, Φ174, 216Φ320, etc. Non-standard Drum Motor should be selected, and our company will assist to complete the design and manufacture after negotiation between both parties. Contact information: 18822106002