How is the Drum Motor connected to electricity


2022-04-27 00:00

How is the Drum Motor connected to electricity? In general, the Drum Motor you purchased can be divided into single-phase motor and three-phase motor.

The Drum Motor is connected to the single-phase motor

Single - phase motor outlet is 5. [Brown, black, white, blue] the four colors of the line is connected to the neutral line and the fire line! The starting capacitors need to be connected between the brown and black wires, and the [yellow and green] alternating wires are ground wires.

The Drum Motor is connected to the three-phase motor

Three-phase motor outlet line is 4, [brown, black, blue] the three corresponding to l1l2l3; [yellow-green] alternate is also ground.

Drum Motor with red and yellow lines

Some Drum Motor has an extra red wire and a yellow wire... So, what is the use of these two wires? In fact, these two wires are switches for overheating protection of Drum Motor. The principle is that when the heat of Drum Motor reaches a certain temperature in normal operation, the overheating protection device will start and cut off the power switch, so as to protect the Motor.

The above wiring mode can be positive and negative rotation. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, friendship remind: friends ground must be connected. If the Drum Motor you purchased is equipped with electromagnetic brake or terminal box, etc., these connections are a little complicated. If you have any other questions, please contact us! For more information, call 18822106002