Security screening machine Drum Motor selection


2022-04-27 00:00

What type of Drum Motor should the security inspection machine use? For the choice of Drum Motor, Seaparks recommends: DM80A, TM113A these two Drum Motor models.

Recommended Drum Motor models for security checking machine

DM80A Drum Motor: Low noise, low motor temperature, can be frequently started and stopped, suitable for small security machine.

TM113A Drum Motor: The use of high-tech processing means, through fine grinding of high alloy steel gear and special high precision assembly method, so that the Drum Motor in low noise and power requirements, etc., to reach the world level of this kind of products. For noise, transmission system space, power requirements of the security machine operation place is very suitable, such as: subway, railway station, airport and other security machine equipment.

Security inspection machine Drum Motor replacement steps

1, the security inspection machine should first power off, and then disconnect the Drum Motor cable.

2. Disassemble the outer cover plate of the security checking machine, unscrew the conveyor and frame fixed letty, and unload the conveyor.

3, relax the tensioning bolt, relax the belt, you can disassemble and replace the Drum Motor of the security inspection machine or the driving drum.

4. Check whether there is any problem with the new Drum Motor, and install it if there is no problem.

Maintenance of Drum Motor for security checking machine  


DM80A Drum Motor: Because of the oil-free design, brushless DC permanent magnet Drum Motor, no need to change the oil.

TM113A Drum Motor: It is recommended to run the oil once for a total of 50,000 hours, that is, 50,000 hours without maintenance.

Drum Motor's disassembly and maintenance requirements are very strict, and repairs by non-manufacturers of this product generally cannot make it achieve the best function at the factory. When the Drum Motor fails, the user can consult the supplier in time.

If you do not know which type of Drum Motor is better to use? Then you can contact the company's business staff to help you select the type. For more information, call 18822106002