TM80A Drum Motor and TM80B Drum Motor


2018-12-12 00:00

Both TM80A and TM80B are small Drum Motor with diameter of 80mm produced by SEAPARKS Electromechanical Co., LTD. They are widely used in many fields because of their advantages of small occupation space, low noise and high operation efficiency. Although the two have many similarities, but from the structure and performance of the two are clearly different.

The TM80A Drum Motor features high quality alloy fine grinding gear, which has an extremely long service life. The high precision of the gear occlusal ability ensures low noise and high efficiency during transmission. TM80B Drum Motor is mainly designed with high polymer gear and planetary transmission structure, which has many advantages such as reliable performance, maintenance free, space saving and low noise. Different gear materials are the biggest difference between the two, so in terms of performance, TM80A has greater bearing capacity.

When selecting Drum Motor models, the actual bearing capacity in the application environment must be taken into account. Illegal operation beyond the bearing capacity can easily lead to damage of Drum Motor. Customers can choose the best model for you according to the list of parameters in the product manual of SEAPARKS Drum Motor. You can also tell us your needs, and then by our professional technical personnel to help you choose the type.