Non-leaking food grade drive Drum Motor


2017-05-19 00:00


The SEAPARKS Drive Drum Motor is designed according to EU national standards from appearance shape and inner quality. In order to strictly manage food pollutants and protect the health of consumers, according to the provisions of the Food Safety Law and its implementation regulations, the organization has revised the Limit of Pollutants in Food (GB2762-2012), for which we also designed a transmission Drum Motor specially for this industry.

The transmission Drum Motor uses a built-in Motor, which is not easy to cause damage to the capacity motor. Due to the design characteristics of the transmission Drum Motor without oil leakage, the pollution to the belt is reduced, and thus the probability of food pollution is reduced. When used in the meat and poultry industry, the Drum Motor can be washed by water gun. While meeting the national standards, the cost is also greatly reduced, bringing more benefits to users. In the future era of industry 4.0, the application of Drum Motor in food production line brings new changes to reduce pollutants in food.