Drum Motor selection principle


2017-04-28 00:00


The following principles should be followed when choosing Drum Motor:

1, according to different roller conveyor and different application fields to distinguish, to determine the use of multi-power Drum Motor motor suitable. Our Tianjin SEAPARKS production motor is 0.034kw minimum - 7.5kw maximum.

2. SEAPARKS Drum Motor is designed according to the European Union national standard. Drum Motor drum diameters are divided into Φ80, Φ113, Φ138, Φ165, Φ174, 216Φ320, etc.

3. The minimum width of the Drum Motor is 270mm (the diameter of the drum is different, and the length is different, please ask the customer service staff for details).

4. The Drum Motor can be customized according to customer needs. The minimum drum motor speed is 0.08m/s, and the maximum is 3.20m/s (please ask customer service staff for details).

5. Generally, the Drum Motor is installed horizontally, and the tilt Angle cannot exceed 5°.

6, Drum Motor usually works in the environmental temperature of +5℃ to +40℃, -20℃ to +5℃ (need to add low temperature oil), the altitude is not more than 1000m, conveying material temperature is not more than 60℃ environmental conditions can also be used.

7. In order to prevent sliding when conveying to high places, it is recommended to add a Drum Motor with mechanical check (in general, no need to add).

8. If it is used in a very quiet environment, the corresponding ultra-quiet Drum Motor should be selected.

9. Under other special working conditions (such as corrosion resistance, adhesive coating, galvanized, etc.), non-standard Drum Motor should be selected, and our company will assist to complete the design and manufacture after negotiation between the two parties.