Distribution sorting equipment with Drum Motor


2016-12-07 00:00


With the rapid development of e-commerce today, online shopping has become the mainstream way of shopping. The competition among e-commerce websites is increasingly fierce, and the satisfaction of users to the website experience has become one of the important criteria to measure e-commerce websites. According to customer satisfaction evaluation of e-commerce website, compared with other links of e-commerce website, logistics link satisfaction evaluation is the lowest. In the logistics link, customer dissatisfaction with the operation of distribution and sorting center is as high as 27%. Therefore, improving the sorting efficiency of distribution centers can effectively improve customers' satisfaction with online shopping, reduce customer churn rate, and enhance the overall market competitiveness. The driving unit selected in the distribution and sorting equipment is particularly important. Drum Motor applied as a driving unit in distribution and sorting equipment can effectively improve the overall distribution and sorting efficiency.

Different from traditional Motor driving equipment, Drum Motor assembers all external components, including motor, reducer, driving roller, bearing seat, chain and support, into a cylinder body, forming a simple driving unit, which effectively reduces the space required by traditional equipment. The reduction of space occupation can effectively reduce the walking routes of sorting personnel, reduce the time required for sorting, and improve the sorting efficiency. At the same time, the Motor built-in design of Drum Motor can effectively avoid the damage easily caused by the external installation of the motor, and reduce the possibility of accidents for sorting personnel under high intensity operation, improving the overall safety. In equipment maintenance, Drum Motor also has a very high advantage. The special design of the Drum Motor is completely sealed, so that its core components are free from damage from the external environment during operation, reducing the probability of component damage. Meanwhile, the Drum Motor of metal gear has an oil change every 50,000 hours, and the Drum Motor of polymer material is maintenance-free for life. The SeaparksDrum Motor was fully oiled when the Drum Motor left the factory. The SeaparksDrum Motor is designed in strict accordance with the European standard, Sealing system-degree of protection IP 66/67, All Drum Motor passes CE and UL dual safety certification.