Drum Motor model selection


2015-11-05 00:00


The existing Drum Motor models are very complicated, which often causes mistakes in the selection of Drum Motor, so that the drum motor is used in inappropriate places, leading to adverse reactions in the future production and operation, and even accidents. At this time, many users generally think that this is the quality problem of Drum Motor itself, but it is not.

In fact, the country announced and implemented the unified standard of Drum Motor models in 1995. The standard specifies seven items as the standard to distinguish different Drum Motor models. The seven contents are respectively Drum Motor Drum length (mm), drum diameter (mm), belt speed (m/s), Motor power (kw) and Drum Motor characteristics, transmission form and cooling mode. When users demand this product, it is best to determine the seven data according to their actual application, and then select the Drum Motor most suitable for your application according to the data. Of course, if you only know part of the data and do not know which model of Drum Motor you use is the most suitable, you can contact the business staff of the company to help you select the model. Seaparks Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has professional technicians who can provide you with online selection and offline communication, to ensure that users choose the correct Drum Motor model.

Seaparks Drum Motor models also comply with the national standard. At the same time, in order to consider the various use situations and special use environment of users, we provide more parameters and options, in order to enable customers to better and more suitable Drum Motor.

Take the TM113A Drum Motor as an example. This Drum Motor model is really just an overview of product models in this range, where 113 represents a drum diameter of 113mm. On the page of TM113A Drum Motor, firstly, according to our previous experience, the industries that use this product are listed, so as to facilitate users to choose quickly. Secondly, we listed the characteristics of the TM113A Drum Motor, including the Cylinder material, the oil immersion heat sink, the Sealing system-degree of protection IP 66/67 and other important information. In the parameter list of TM113A Drum Motor, users can choose the type according to the specific data of the drum you need here, or contact our technical staff to assist you with the type selection according to the data you provide. In the final option table, a variety of standard and non-standard options are provided in consideration of users' special use environment or requirements, so as to meet customers' special requirements, such as Cylinder material and adhesive.

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