The Seaparks Drum Motor uses oil immersed heat dissipation


2015-07-03 00:00


Tianjin Seaparks M&E Co., Ltd.  The Drum Motor produced by the European standard design oil immersed Drum Motor.

Drum Motor can be divided into air cooled, oil cooled and oil immersed according to its heat dissipation mode. The heat dissipation mode of these three Drum Motor is mainly based on the heat dissipation mode of its motor. Air cooling does not use oil cooling, relying on conduction, radiation and wind convection heat dissipation.

The oil-immersed Drum Motor and oil-cooled Drum Motor rely on oil for cooling. The main difference between the two lies in whether oil can be allowed into the motor. The oil in the oil-immersed Drum Motor can enter the motor and contact the rotor and stator. The heat generated during their operation is constantly rotated by the drum and evenly transferred to the oil. After the oil is transferred to the cylinder, the cylinder is transferred to the belt and finally distributed to the air during the operation of the belt. There is no doubt that this structure will dissipate heat better. Oil cooled Drum Motor does not allow oil to enter the motor. Sparks produced Drum Motor are oil immersed in the way of heat dissipation.

Oil immersed Drum Motor has efficient heat dissipation performance, but at the same time, we should pay attention to the following two points. First, unless in a special working environment, it is not recommended that customers should be coated on the drum, which is not conducive to the transfer of heat and reduce the heat dissipation effect. Two, Drum Motor should not be idled without a belt, if the heat of the drum body can not be effectively transferred to the belt, it is likely to cause damage to the motor due to overheating.