The role of the Seaparks Drum in the luggage handling system


2018-12-12 00:00

Drum Motor Role in baggage handling system: Due to the rapid development of China's economy, efficient service has become a necessary trend. The value of airport ground service is composed of humanized facilities and baggage handling services. It has become the direction and goal that the manufacturers of baggage handling system try their best to pursue when customers can pick up their luggage in the shortest time and place they expect. This also sets a standard for testing the quality of the mechanical components of baggage handling systems, with airport baggage handling times to be kept to a minimum and machine downtime to be measured in minutes at most.

Drum Motor With the advantages of high power output, low noise and fast maintenance, it has become an important driving equipment in the mechanical parts of baggage conveying system. By matching with the belt, Drum Motor plays an important role in the luggage conveying system. And we also follow the European Union design standards in the food delivery industry. In order to strictly manage food contaminants and protect the health of consumers, we also designed a Drum motorfor this industry. Drum Motor” Please click to see the details!