The introduction of various models of Drum Motor


2016-05-12 00:00

Drum Motor models usually consist of a series of capital letter codes and numbers. According to the latest JB/T 7330-2008Drum Motor industry standard, the model of Drum Motor is defined as follows.

In the series of code names and numbers of Drum Motor model, the meanings from left to right are as follows:

1) Drum Motor cooling mode code

Oil-cooled type: Y oil-immersed type: J air-cooled type: F

2) Drum Motor transmission form code

Fixed shaft gear drive: D

Planetary gear drive: T

Cycloidal pin drive: Z

3) Drum Motor characteristic code

Flameproof type: B anticorrosive type: F with brake: Z with stop: N

Ordinary type or without brake, stop when not indicated

4) Drum Motor Power (default unit: KW)

5) Tape speed (default unit: m/s)

6) Drum diameter (default unit: mm)

7) Drum length (default unit: mm)

The expression of this Drum Motor model is the meaning of JB/T 7330-2008 standard. But now each company in the market has its own unique model expression. For example, the Drum Motor produced by our company is oil-immersed Drum Motor, which can only be divided by drum diameter. Professional technicians assist customers to select the type. We have a detailed introduction to "what is oil-immersed Drum Motor", please click to see!