What is an oil-immersed Drum Motor


2016-04-29 00:00


Oil-immersed Drum Motor  The main function of the oil is to play a lubricating and cooling role. Seaparks oil-immersed Drum Motor all use oil-immersed cooling, which means that the cooling oil is immersed directly in the motor. The standard oil-immersed Drum Motor uses high quality gear oil. The oil-immersed Drum Motor has been injected with lubricating oil as per standard before leaving the factory. Among them, the oil-immersed Drum Motor of TM80A, TM113A and TM138 models needs oil change once after running for 50000 hours in total. The oil immersed Drum Motor of TM165, TM174, TM216, TM320 and TM320N models shall be changed once after running 10000 hours accumulated.

For special application environment and special industry, oil-immersed Drum Motor should use special oil. " Principle of Drum Motor selection”