Reducer external mounted Drum Motor and Drum Motor basic introduction


2016-04-27 00:00


Drum Motor is a kind of high-end transmission Drum which concentrates the Motor and reduction gear inside the drum body. It is mainly used in fixed small belt conveyor or mobile Drum Motor conveyor, which can completely replace the traditional conveying drum. The reduction gear is separated from the drive drum, according to the needs of special occasions (such as the slaughter industry, the drive drum conveyor needs high pressure water gun washing, traditional reduction gear due to the motor and reduction gear external, if the water washing will cause damage), Later, there is a reduction device between the separate drive and Drum Motor drive inside the Drum, while the Motor outside the drum is called the external Drum Motor.  


Compared with the reducer and external Drum Motor, Drum Motor has the advantages of fast installation, simple, safe operation, saving space, reducing energy consumption, ultra-low noise, longer service life (using high-quality alloy steel grinding gear), smooth running, low temperature click and so on. And can adapt to a variety of harsh environment (IP66/67 high seal grade design), including wet, mud, chemicals and grease, dust multi working environment.

As the core component of belt conveyor, Drum Motor is mainly used in security inspection machine, sorting system, packaging machine, belt scale, medical conveyor, food processing conveyor, all kinds of bulk material, slaughter industry, all kinds of climbing machine and other industries.

And the Drum Motor is closely related to the conveyor belt.