How to prevent the Drum Motor belt from slipping effectively


2015-12-04 00:00

Drum Motor is used in the belt conveyor as a belt drum, the drum belt may run off and slip. Some users in order to avoid this situation, specially required Drum Motor drum wall slotting treatment. In fact, this treatment method can not fundamentally solve the problem, and may even bring more serious wear and tear to the belt.

The SeaparksDrum Motor is available in coronal and straight forms. The coronal cylinder is the drum shape, which can effectively prevent the belt from deviating. At the same time, the surface of the Drum Motor is specially processed and has two-way thread, which increases the surface friction and prevents the belt from running off. Users only need to do a good job of the correct Drum Motor model selection and later Drum Motor installation can greatly reduce the occurrence of skid this situation.
In the early selection of Drum Motor type, the following conditions have a greater impact on whether the belt deviates. First of all, the user must provide a more accurate conveyor belt to pull the weight range of goods. When the weight of the pulled load is greater than the range of the Drum Motor, it is easy to cause the belt slip. Secondly, when the Drum Motor works in an environment with oil or water for a long time, it is also easy to cause the belt to slip. Finally, be careful that the thickness of the belt matches the diameter of the belt drum. Generally, the smaller the diameter of the belt roller, the greater the thickness of the belt, the easier it is to run off.
Whether the Drum Motor is installed correctly also has a greater impact on the belt running deflection. First of all, we should adjust the tightness of the Drum Motor and the conveyor belt, so as to transfer traction enough, and the belt does not slip when the load is running. Secondly, the width of the conveyor belt must cover more than 2/3 of the Drum Motor cylinder width to ensure a large enough contact area. Finally, make sure that the Drum Motor is parallel to the driven drum.
Seaparks Electromechanical Co., LTD provides professional technicians to assist users to select the most suitable Drum Motor model at the early stage, and also provide technical guidance for users to install Drum Motor at the later stage.