Drum Motor Express logistics intelligent sorting line, to help you "stay at home" more worry


2022-09-01 00:00

Do you find yourself becoming more homebody? Xiao Si can understand you very much. After all, online shopping is so convenient now! So, faced with so many similarly packaged goods, how do Courier companies manage to deliver them accurately and quickly to consumers? Answer revealed express logistics intelligent sorting line! Focus on SEAPARKS Drum Motor, the key power unit that enables intelligent sorting line of logistics and express packages to complete sorting work efficiently and accurately. What makes the SEAPARKS Drum Motor successfully replace the traditional motor and be favored by the intelligent sorting line of logistics express packages? The SEAPARKS Drum Motor transfers power directly from the motor to the surface of the drum compared to traditional external drive systems, greatly shortening the conduction process and increasing the motor efficiency up to 97%, thus saving energy consumption up to 30%. The sorting line can run for a long time and save costs. Different from the traditional Motor drive system (generally composed of motor, reducer, drive roller, bearing seat, chain and support), Drum Motor assembler all external components in the same cylinder body, forming a simple drive unit, not only reduces the space occupied by sorting machine equipment, but also improves the anti-interference to the external environment. Make the sorting line operate more smoothly and efficiently. The SEAPARKSDru m Motor is faster and easier to install sorting equipment in 1/4 of the installation time compared to traditional power drive units such as motor reducers. Metal gear oil change every 50,000 hours, very low cost of use.